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Merino garments that look as good as they feel

Region: United Kingdom
Smalls is a British range of the softest, non-itchy luxe merino base layers and vests with gorgeous, subtle detailing that's great as outerwear too. Smalls supermerino is machine washable and breathes like a second skin, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is moisture wicking, flame retardant, anti-allergy and itchy label free for kids 2-12 years.
Smalls is the clever creation of two UK-based, New Zealand friends. Their kids were lucky enough to receive merino goodies from grandparents and the mums discovered its fab properties. They also found it was very hard to find merino outside of their homeland, that pieces for older kids were even scarcer and the few they could find weren’t exactly stylish… So Smalls was born -- worn and loved every day by Cat and E-J’s six children, they are now sharing them with yours!
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